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Filed Under ( ) by Xavier Rey on jeudi 18 septembre 2008

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Carteret - France 2008

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Framed and Shot a dit…

This is an interesting shot!! The dramatic sky and the person who are "invisible" - his shadow - all together they create an unreal image. An interesting image, a image that makes you think...
Nicely converted to black and white.
Excellent work!

CushmoK a dit…

C'est étonnant cette image... un auto-portrait ?!
Si tu as le temps, regarde au lien attaché à mon nom... tu comprendras mon étonnement !

amit a dit…

Long exposure & it has made the photo really lovely looking, kinda unreal, but lovely! :)

But I think, if the grey shades had been a little bit lighter then this would've looked a bit more better! Just my own thinking! :)

Cath a dit…

Et une ombre passe.... excellent!

thomas mueller a dit…

cool. i really like these kind of ghost-shots. you don't need a model and you can do it on your own way....

bruno f a dit…

Fabuleux, comme toujours !
Je reconnais bien là l'ecole bordelaise ! Lol, je déconne, c'est mon chauvinisme qui refaissait surface ! ;)

Dommage que tu te fasses si rares sur cet espace !


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