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Old Farm

Filed Under ( ) by Xavier Rey on samedi 29 mars 2008

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Portiragnes - France 2007

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sandro a dit…

hey, I always wanted to try out lensbaby but never actually had a chance to buy one... so how is it in use? is it sharp at the sweet spot?

nice photo btw.

Xavier Rey a dit…

thanks a lot Sandro.
Lensbaby lens is a toy ans manual lens... and very fun lens !!

diane a dit…

The quality of your black & white tones created in your images, even in these lensbaby shots, is remarkable!

Diane - Daily Walks

Anonyme a dit…

I don't know if you are French or not so I will comment in english :) I think you manage to get a very very nice black and white tone in all your pictures. I am pretty impressed. I am gonna bookmark you !

I started myself a photoblog but I will hardly ever reach your level, I think !



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